Question Will any of the foot controllers in the other ranges (RC-4, Switch -3)  support the presets change or tuner display with the BH500 Answer Unfortunately there is no possibility to connect any foot-controller to the BH500 - Only the RH range and the Blacksmith support preset change and tuner display from the optionnal RC4 foot-switch. The Switch-3 can be associated with the BG250 and the BH250 to control the features below (no preset / tuner control) : 
BG250 Bass Combo
  • Switch 1: Mute
  • Switch 2: TubeDrive on/off
  • Switch 3: TonePrint on/off
 BH250 Bass Head
  • Switch 1: Mute
  • Switch 2: TonePrint on/off
  • Switch 3: Toggle Last Two TonePrints