Question In your downloadable BG250 product manual and in the shops, I'm seeing combos with one black Tubedrive knob and one white toneprint knob. But in the new online video, the amp has two white TonePrint knobs. Can you clarify Have you changed the hardware of the BG250 amp If I have one with the single toneprint knob, can it be software-upgraded to make both knobs TonePrint-enabled Answer We have 2 versions of the BG250-115
  • The original BG250-115 has TUBEDRIVE and 1 TonePrint slot - both can run in the same time 
  • The second version that is in the new BG250-115 (but also in  BG250-210 and BG250-112) has no Tubedrive, but a second TonePrint slot - The two TonePrints cannot be used at the same time.
It is not possible to update the old BG250-115 into the newer version.