Question What can I do with the TC NEAR network on the Konnekt audio interfaces

Answer By interconnecting multiple Konnekt devices directly to eachother, you are able to add more inputs and outputs. For each Konnekt device, you can select 2 channels (either analog, S/PDIF or ADAT/TOS), which will appear as 2 channels in the Konnekt mixer of the other Konnekt devices in your TC NEAR network. For example:
  • Let's say you have 3 Konnekts, 2 Konnekt 24Ds (A + B) and 1 Konnekt 8s ( C).
  • On device B, you select S/PDIF and on device C you select ADAT.
  • In the Konnekt mixer of device A, you will now see 2 channels of S/PDIF from device B and 2 channels of ADAT from device C.
In the screenshot of the mixer below, you can see two other devices (Nick's and Fred's) appearing in the mixer: Please noteUsing multiple devices at 88.2 / 96 kHz and above, aren't possible.