Product name: Alter Ego Delay, Arena Reverb, Flashback Delay, Flashback X4, Gravy Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato, Vortex Flanger, The Dreamscape, Trinity Reverb, Transition DelayItem #: TNA / TIN: TNA: 960750001 TIN: N/A Description in system: N/ADescription of function: Downloadable files which can alter the sound of the pedal. Item above/below:N/A Product webpage: N/AManual: N/ATech Server page: N/A Common faults / issues: N/A Common questions:  The TonePrint concept explained Connection between pedal and computer required when using TonePrints Which type of USB cable is needed to connect the pedal to the computer TonePrint beaming tutorial video Toneprint pedals is there a recommended power supply  Using TonePrints for one pedal with another pedal Battery life TonePrint pedals Max current draw Restoring default TonePrints My computer does not detect the pedal The LED on my TonePrint pedal doesn't blink when beaming TonePrints TonePrint pedals Linux compatibility TonePrint Editor Alter Ego Echorec TonePrint TonePrint pedals Input and output impedance Pedal LED sometimes flashes red after the TonePrint beaming is complete Using TonePrints to sample other effects BG250/BH250 TonePrint beaming fails BG250 TonePrint LED stops flashing at the end of TonePrint beaming BG250/BH250 Which TonePrint effects work on these amps TonePrint pedals Using them in amp fx loop TonePrint pedals sample rate bitdepth I/O balanced or unbalanced TonePrint pedals power requirement Can I load a pedal TonePrint into the BG250  TonePrint app updating to the latest version 2-03 TonePrint app crashes iOS device TonePrint pedals can-I-store-pedal-settings- Getting beaming to work on a 2nd generation iPod Touch Do the TonePrint pedals have built in protection against wrong power/polarity Beaming-problems-with-active-pickups   Included Accessories: N/A Optional accessories: TonePrint Editor: