Question I can't get the Tap Tempo-function in the MOD-menu to work. When i have assigned Tap Tempo to a MIDI CC-number, and presses the corresponding pedal on my MIDI-footpedal, the G-Major just changes to that preset anyway. This goes for all of the functions in the MOD-menu. I am using an ENGL Z-12  MIDI-controller ,which I bought along with the G-Major last week from a music store. I have no problems with changing presets on the G-Major (and the MIDI-preamp Marshall JMP-1 that I am using with it), it  is just the functions in the Mod-menu that I cant control from the MIDI-footcontroller

From the manual of the pedal board, it appears it can only do preset changes (it only sends out program change messages). It is unfortunately not possible to control the tap function with this Midi board. You could by a momentary footswitch and plug it into the control input of the G-Major. In the MOD menu you could then assign the tap tempo to be controlled with this footswitch. BOSS for example has momentary footswitches. Just get any momentary switch in your local guitar store. The more expensive option is to buy a new Midi board that supports both MIDI program change and CC messages. You could control both your ENGL amp and the G-Major with this, and have access to a lot more functions like, effects block bypass, tap tempo, tuner mute, modifiers.