Question What are the differences between the PolyTune (also called PolyTune Classic) and the PolyTune 2 Answer The differences are:
  • Ultra-bright LED display with ambient light sensor for PolyTune 2 
  • Chromatic strobe tuner - 0.1 cent tuning accuracy for PolyTune 2 
  • -+/- 0.5 Cent Tuning Accuracy for PolyTune 
  • +/- 0.1 Cent Tuning Accuracy For PolyTune 2 
  • Soft footswitch for PolyTune 2 
  • PolyTune 2 stores your preferences, from pitch reference to selected tuning mode it hangs on to this information even after it is powered down
What they have in common, is:
  • The size is the same 
  • Polyphonic tuning: Tune all strings simultaneously 
  • For guitars and basses 
  • Supports Drop-D and capo tuning modes 
  • True bypass with silent tuning
Please note that it is not possible to update the PolyTune Classic to include the features from the PolyTune 2 because the PolyTune 2 has different hardware than the PolyTune Classic.
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