Question With Harmony-G (XT), can I send a dry guitar out through the 'thru' output and do a mixed output at the same time


When you insert a connector into the Guitar Thru jack, the internal guitar mix path is automatically muted. Therefore, it's not possible to have both guitar signals at once. Regarding the guitar FX, the answer is yes, the guitar does share in any FX style that has reverb on it. An additional neat feature is that there is an advanced setting discussed in the manual that allows you to add a nice detuning effect to the guitar only. Like the other FX, the detune on the guitar can be stored uniquely in each preset. When mixing the guitar input internally, reverb will be automatically added to your guitar.The guitar reverb style depends on the currently loaded FX style. The guitar reverb and voice FX level are controlled by the FX knob. Youre able to add a separate detune effect to your guitar when you enter the Advanced FX Select mode (Hold the FX button) and then press the Double button so its LED lights up. After youve exited Advanced FX Select mode, you can still add or remove the vocal doubling effect with the Double button without changing your guitars detune sound. As with the other FX, the guitar detune effect can be stored on or off in different presets...