Question Foot switches 1 and 2 on the Switch-6 have arrows next to them, seeming to suggest that it would be possible to assign them to Preset Up/Down functions. Why is this therefore not the case with the VoiceLive 3 Answer The Switch 6's silkscreen indicators represent the default foot switch layout for use with the VoiceLive Touch 2, whereby it is indeed possible to go through presets up and down. However, on the VoiceLive 3, no such option is assignable to the Switch 3. This is because there are Preset Up/Down foot switches already on the VL3 itself, and these do not allow alternative functions to be assigned to them. In short, the Switch 6 silkscreen indicators to not apply to every compatible TC unit. Different units will allow different functions to be assigned to the Switch-6 foot switches.