Question When I engage my VoiceTone Single X1 , I have feedback before I start to sing. Is there any way I can solve this Answer There is an effect in X1 that helps to control feedback called the Gate. Because feedback often occurs when the effect is switched on but you arent singing yet, the gate shuts off the mic until you sing at a loud enough volume to open the gate. You may have noticed that some quiet parts of your singing such as S sounds or when you sing further from the mic are not heard when the effect is on. This is the gate working to minimize feedback. To adjust the Gate: While holding the footswitch, turn the Filter knob right from the center default so you have to sing louder to open the gate (higher threshold). Adjust left of center so quieter singing will open the gate (lower threshold). With loud PA/monitors, you will most likely need to turn the knob to the right. Also refer to this FAQ about Volume change: