Question Which MIDI footcontrollers do you recommend for the G-Force

The following boards are supported directly in the G-Force software - each board's specific factory defaults can be loaded in the I/O SETUP/CONTROL menu. So these are the ones we have tested and can recommend:
  1. ADA MXC
  2. ART X-15 Ultrafoot
  3. CAE (Custom Audio Electronics) RS-10
  4. DMC (Digital Music Corporation) Ground Control
  5. Lexicon MPX R1
  6. Rocktron All Access
  7. Roland FC-200
  8. TC Electronic G-Minor
Please note that not all of these boards are able to show the current on/off status of the effect blocks, directly after switching to a new preset. If you require this function please check out the following:
  • The Rocktron All Access is able to show the On/Off status of the effect blocks, directly after a preset change. Of course, you'll need to connect both MIDI In and Out of the G-Major, as the unit transmits the On/Off information to the board upon preset change.
  • The DMC Ground Control and Ground Control Pro achieves the same result, but in a slightly different way. It remembers all the block settings itself, so only a single MIDI connection will be necessary. In general, preset change and CC will work with any MIDI footcontroller that supports both program change and continuous controllers. Click here to see an example on how to set up the Ground Control Pro.