Question What is TC Electronic's policy on dealing with pirated / cracked / stolen software

TC Electronic reserves the right to refuse support enquiries for any customer who is using un-licensed, illegal, stolen, pirate or cracked software on their PowerCore / Konnekt based computer system. Legality aside, such software can be detrimental to the running of the system. It can produce any number of errors or problems, with the system in general, or with other installed applications. Software that has been cracked has been altered in order to remove or circumnavigate the copy protection devices written into the software, which can make the software very unstable. If you have been using this kind of software and have encountered problems then you should use your Recovery CD", to return your system to its original "clean" configuration, before contacting TC for support. Likewise, stolen plug-ins for your PowerCore that have been bought cheaply through shady 3rd parties, can -- when determined to be stolen -- cause your TC My Account / iLok account to get blacklisted and suspended, so the PowerCore itself and no further plug-ins can be registered, activated, downloaded or resold. Therefore, make sure to only buy TC plug-ins through reputable dealers. If you are unsure of a given dealer, please get in touch with us on the link above. Finally, when learning of the presense of any un-licensed, illegal, stolen, pirate or "cracked" software on your system, we may be obliged to contact the relevant local authorities.