When the first Pro Tools HD DSP hardware was released, we determined it was impossible to run this plug-in at sample-rates greater than 48 kHz. Since then, new Pro Tools DSP cards like the HD Accel have become available. Master X5 has been on the market for many years now. Since then TC has made significant advances in Mastering technology, with TC's flagship processor System 6000 at the cutting edge. Recently this technology finally has made to the Digital Audio Workstation market with the help of the PowerCore DSP platform. Several Stereo algorithms from the System 6000 are now available for use directly in your favorite host application. Digidesign's HD DSP card provides a processing infrastructure powerful enough to host a choice selection of stereo reverbs and mastering tools from TC's flagship system. With the availbility of new TDM plug-ins, TC Electronic will be making a strong contribution to the Pro Tools platform and continue the pioneer work that started with MasterX and TC Tools. With the System 6000 plug-ins from TC Electronic, some of the most sophisticated algorithms for mixing and mastering are finally made available to the Pro Tools platform.