Question Why don't I hear any difference when I turn a Tweak X or Tweak Y knobs

Please try the following:
  1. Ensure the Effect On Light is on. If it's off, press the Effect On button once to engage it. Additionally, ensure the Mix Knob is not in the off position (fully left).
  2. Check the Patch List section and confirm what controls are assigned to X and Y to get a sense of what to listen for. Some controls are subtle like Reverb PreDelay, Hi and Lo Colour, and Reverb Decay.
  3. Try both Tweak Knobs. Sometimes, especially when two levels are assigned, you won't hear the result of one Tweak Knob if the other Tweak Knob is set to "0".
  4. Tweak Knobs have soft pickup. Try turning the knob fully leff to right, then setting the desired value.