Question Both my guitar & mic now go directly (outputs)into a powered mixer using 1/4" jacks. Do I have to change connector type when using a VoiceTone pedal 

The output from the Voice Tone Correct (XT), Double, Synth, Create (XT), Harmony-G (XT) and the VoiceTone Singles (C1, D1, R1, T1) use XLR jacks, and the output returned to your mixer is at mic level, not line level, so you will need to run them to the mixer as if they were a microphone input. If your mixer accepts a microphone level input at its 1/4" jack, then an adapter cable would be required. This is not the case for most live sound mixers. Always check the specifications on your mixing equipment before connecting. The output from Harmony-M is at line level from its 1/4" jacks. This would be routed to a "line in" on a mixer, rather than the microphone input.