Question There appears to be a typo in the manual, page 41. It says that there are Portamento and Humanize parameters on the Harmony Advanced page of the PlayElectric and yet I find only the Scale Parameter. Why is this Answer This is not a typo in the manual, but rather a missing feature on the Play Electric inherent to firmware version 1.1.00 Build 14. A "Build 15" fixes this issue. There is not yet an "official" Build 15 available on VoiceSupport, but a BETA version exists, which is attached at the bottom of this FAQ. After you've downloaded it you'll need to run VoiceSupport and select the sysex file under the option "Load a sysex file manually to your device" After you have loaded it, you will find that the Portamento and Humanize parameters can now be found within the Harmony Advanced page, just as described in the product manual. Please note: There is no support officially for BETA firmware, so you use it at your own risk.