Question How come I can't delete factory presets Every time I delete one via VoiceSupport, it comes right back! Answer This is a very common question about preset management. Here's how it works: The factory presets are stored permanently within the device, even if you've overwritten them with custom presets. The custom presets are stored in a different location and applied "over" the factory presets when you save them. When you delete a factory, or custom preset, leaving the space "blank" within VoiceSupport, the unit automatically re-populates that spot with the factory preset. You can't have any fewer preset slots than the size of the original factory bank. Our suggestion is to use a "blank" preset (some devices have one at the end of their factory bank) and copy that over any factory preset you want to "delete". "Blank" just means a preset with no effects enabled. The effect of this is that you can have only your personal presets, or presets you enjoy from the factory bank or preset packs, in the box and any other preset spaces just carry copies of the blank preset. You can use VoiceSupport to place all of your presets near the beginning of the preset area and then fill the remaining spots with blanks.