Question I am really interested in your TonePrint technology. I am looking for an overdrive/distortion type pedal. My question is: Do you have an overdrive pedal similar to the MojoMojo, but with TonePrint ability Answer No, unfortunately not. The TonePrint feature is only available on our (digital) modulation, delay, and reverb effects pedals, such as:
  • Chorus / Flanger: Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger, The Dreamscape.
  • Modulation: Shaker Vibrato, Viscous Vibe and Helix Phaser.
  • Delay: Flashback series, Alter Ego series.
  • Reverb: Hall Of Fame, Trinity.
In contrast, our preamp, tuner, overdrive/distortion, and looper pedals do not make use of the TonePrint technology. These include:
  • Looper: Ditto, Ditto X2. 
  • Preamp / Booster: Spark Booster. 
  • Overdrive / Distortion: MojoMojo, Dark Matter, Röttweiler. 
  • Tuner: all PolyTunes.
For further information please take a look at our webpage for TonePrint enabled pedals.