Question There's an 'Assign' button on the bottom left of the plug-in window; what is this button for Answer "Assign" allows to place your own set of parameters in the 6 focus fields at the bottom of the plug-in. Making use of the focus fields can give you a better workflow, since you will not have to switch pages all the time to find the parameters that you work with.You can assign any parameter to the focus fields, and the focus fields are stored with the session as well as when you save your presets. To change the assignment:
  • Press the Assign button. The Assign button as well as one of the Focus Fields will be highlighted. 
  • Select the Focus Field you wish to link a parameter to, by clicking on that field.
  • Click on the parameter you wish to link to the selected Focus Field.
  • To get an unassigned (empty) Focus Field, click again on the selected parameter. 
  • Once you have finished the assignments, click again on the Assign button to leave the assign mode.