Question: How can I use the TonePrint editor to view the parameters of the TonePrints stored on my pedal  Answer: You cannot use the Editor to view parameters of any Artist created TonePrints. If you are using the Editor to create your own TonePrints, and save them in the Editor, you can load the TonePrint into the Editor and view its parameters. To do this, simply click on "Store" in the TonePrints part at the middle left of the editor BEFORE send the TonePrint in the pedal. Now you can choose your custom TonePrint from the drop down menu beside the load button to view its parameters. 
  • You can store the TonePrint you just made in a new memory choosing: "Add a new entry".
  • You cannot delete a custom TonePrint, but you can overwrite an existing TonePrint you previously stored by saving a new or modified TonePrint with the same name in the "User TonePrints" section.