Question How can I restore the factory settings of my VoiceWorks

Answer To restore the default factory settings of your Voice Works, just follow the 4 steps below:
  1. Power up your VoiceWorks while holding the "ENTER" key pressed for aprox. 2 seconds
  2. Select "Reset sys param" with the datawheel. (if you just want to restore the factory presets choose "Clr all presets" instead)
  3. Confirm the reset procedure by pressing the "ENTER" key again. The display should now display "Clear/Reset done"
  4. The next time you turn on the VoiceWorks, it will start with its restored default factory settings.
Attention: Please note that the reset procedure will delete all user presets stored in the unit, so don't forget to back them up, which can be easily done using eg. the new VoiceWorks software editor available for free on the TC Helicon website.