Question I'm having problems storing settings in VoiceTone Double. What do I do

First, it's important to understand how Part A/B works in VoiceTone Double. Part A/B allows you two store two snapshots of all the settings on VoiceTone Double. That includes bank, patch and any edits of the Pitch, Time, uMod, and Overdub controls. Press and hold the left footswitch to store these snapshots into the A and B parts. The factory banks and patches are never overwritten. Some VoiceTone Doubles in certain situations will not indicate the correct value for Overdub Level and uMod Level stored in an A or B part. However, the actual value is being stored properly. So what was heard when you stored the preset is being recalled correctly. Please contact the TC Support Team if your unit exhibits this problem. If it seems the wrong patch is being recalled from Part A/B, disconnect and reconnect power to VoiceTone Double. Now, when you switch between Part A and B all settings are recalled properly. If you use the Bank or Patch buttons, and don't store your changes, you'll need to disconnect and reconnect power again to restore your Part A/B.