Question Why is Pitch Correction not working

Initial things to check:
  1. Is the unit in bypass The light on the BYPASS button should be OFF.
  2. Is the correct effect enabled The light on the CORRECT button should be ON.
  3. Is Cor Window large enough If your input notes never fall within range of a note in your correction scale, no correction will ever take place. 
  4. Is Cor Attack large enough Once a target note has been determined (based on your scale and window settings), attack defines the speed that any necessary correction takes place. If this parameter is set too low, you may not notice that correction is taking place. 
  5. Is Cor Amount large enough The amount of correction that would be required based on the correct scale and window amount is scaled by the correction amount parameter. If its less than 100%, your vocal will never be corrected completely which helps retain the subtle pitch variations in your voice while correcting any gross pitch errors. 
  6. If you are using a custom scale, have you made sure that it has been properly defined The virtual keyboard in the VoiceOne display should have at least one dot showing. If not, refer to the manual for how to modify the custom scale. 
  7. If you are using MIDI scale, are you sure that MIDI notes are being held down for the duration that any correction is supposed to be taking place MIDI correction is simply a way to define a correction scale on the fly. Correction only takes place when the correction scale has valid notes defined, so you must hold down the MIDI notes of whatever scale you have in mind (either by holding down keys on a keyboard, or by causing your MIDI sequencer to send Note-On events without corresponding Note-Off events until the desired correction has been accomplished). 
  8. Is MIDI Shifting overriding the effect of Pitch Correction If you are sending MIDI notes to the MIDI Shift Channel (as specified under the MIDI/UTIL menu), you might be overriding the effect of pitch correction. MIDI Shifts are absolute pitch shifts. If you are trying to use a MIDI Correct Scale, make sure that you send MIDI to the MIDI Correct channel and not the MIDI Shift channel by accident.
Rule of thumb: when troubleshooting problems like this, we suggest that you disable all other effects until you feel comfortable that what you getting out of the box is what you expect. For pitch correction it is usually a good idea to set the Window, Attack, and Amount parameters to full and then gradually back them off until you are satisfied with the result.