Question In addition to the THICKEN functionality, I would like to use the harmony-voices on the VoiceWorks to create one big doubling-effect, and detune each harmony voicein cents. Is this possible

It is not possible detune the individual Harmony Voice on the VoiceWorks in cents, as the finest resolution you can use is semitone-steps. However in addition to the THICKEN functionality, you can create further detuning in this way:
  • When you doubleclick the HARMONY key and scroll down to the STYLE parameter, either of the styles: DETUNE, PITCH and TIMPIT will apply detuning. TIMPIT even adds Time Randomisation to the voices, so it sounds more like truly doubled vocals. Click here for more information about Time Randomisation
  • Adjust the parameter AMOUNT in this menu, to dial in the right amount of detuning you want. 
  • Be aware that the detuning is done individually for each harmony voice, although the settings are set for all voices simultaneously in the HARMONY menu.
There is another way to create a different type of sound on your doubled vocals or harmony voices: 
  • Doubleclick the button for each harmony voice and adjust the GENDER parameter. 
  • Set them all to 0 - or Unison (if HARMONY-MODE has been set to NOTES).
Try out presets 54 and 55 as they are good examples of both techniques.