How do I back-up preset using the Archives feature in VoiceSupport

If you hook your TC Helicon up to your computer using a USB cable and access our VoiceSupport software, you will find some Archive options within the Presets menu. If you click Archive, all of your presets will appear in a window below the Working Data called Archive 1 (or whatever you decide to call it) underneath the 'working data' field. It possible to create multiple Archives. Once you have created this archive you can move individual presets back and forth as you wish by simply 'dragging and dropping'. If you want to move all of the presets, simply press CTRL+A and it will select them all: again just drag the preset group in order to move it. Don't forget to hit 'Apply Changes' after you have moved something, and if you make a mistake you can hit 'Undo'. Even after you have disconnected your device or shut-down VoiceSupport, you will find your Archives remaining when you return.