Question I want to record via the VoiceLive Touch 2 into Garageband - how do I do that

This is how:
  1. Select 'Setup->Input 1/11->Input' and set this based on what you require. Setting the input to USB will send the output from the computer back into the VoiceLive Touch 2.
  2. Select  'Setup->output 2/11->output' and set this to your liking. Refer to the manual for more information about output setting if required.
  3. Connect your mic, headphones and optionally an instrument to VoiceLive Touch and pick a preset you like,
  4. Set the input and output devices of your destination DAW track to the VoiceLive Touch 2:
    1. Set OUTPUT within GB - GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/Midi > Audio Output > VoiceLive Touch 2(monitor through headphones),
    2. Set INPUT within GB - GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/Midi > Audio Input > VoiceLive Touch 2(receive fully processed),
    3. Create a new audio track within GB (TRACK>New Track>Real Instrument Track).
Please notice:  If you can't get any signal input pls check "Input Source" within the Track Info pane/Real Instrument (should be set to Stereo 1/2 (Voice Live Touch)