Question I'm interested in the DBMax and have a few questions about its Stereo Enhance function:
  • Is the stereo enhance funktion is a dynamically controlled process so that a signal with a small amount of stereo perspective will be enhanced and a signal with an already excessive amount of stereo information will not
  • Does the Stereo Enhance work it in more than one band or in several bands independent from each other
  • Also I would like to know what it is the Stereo Enhance does exactly. Is it a kind of phase shifting or based on M/S decoding/encoding or something else

  • It is not a dynamically controlled process as it does currently not measure the amount of stereo information present prior to processing.Furthermore it cannot create pseudo-stereo from a signal with no stereo information; some stereo information has to be present for it to enhance.
  • The Stereo Enhance will process in two bands, as you have first the "Added Width" parameter, then an amount for the Low-band, and then a cut-off point between the Low-band and the rest of the signal.
  • It is based on M/S decoding, and specifically it minimises the amount of M (mono-information) in relation to S (stereo-information).As most bass information will vanish when doing this, the Cut-off point was added.