Question Is it possible to internally route the signal in TCNear in order to record the DAW Output, without using the S/PDIF Out-> S/PDIF in Answer There is no way to internally route the signal on the same FireWire line, but there is a small workaround:
  • In the DAW channel of TCNear, assign FabrikC1: the signal will go through the Fabrik C plugin. 
  • In your DAW record on a new stereo track using FireWire lines 25 and 26 as input (these are Fabrik C1 outputs). You can use Fabrik C (if you need to control the main output dynamics) or just set it in bypass mode if you don't need it.  
  • Make sure to mute the output of the new track while recording to avoid feedback. 
  • During the next play back, disable the recording to avoid feedback.