Question How to set up MIMIQ to make it work best in your rig Answer 1. Make sure that the DRY level is NEVER lower than the WET. They should be either the same amount or the WET should be lower.  2. Unity gain for both DRY and WET is fully cranked so start with both controls cranked. Turning down the WET completely and cranking the DRY will give you exactly the same sound regardless of the whether the pedal is bypassed or not. As you add voices and WET signal the overall guitar level is increased - you can then back down the DRY and WET levels if you want to match the level of the pedal bypassed.  3. Depending on how intense you want the sound of the doubling try experimenting with putting the pedal in front of the amp OR in the amp effects loop - the correct way of using it is in the loop, but sometimes that gets a little too intense and phases.