Originally from ticket #209026.Hi! We are Alba&Leo, a singer and a guitarist from Croatia and we use looping in our live performances both for vocals and guitars ( Alba is using the Boss RC-505 and Leo the Boss RC-2. The two loopers are working completely separate (without sync) nad this fact is often causing us problems. We are thinking about Leo switching to the new Ditto X4 Looper and use MIDI sync to have our loops playing together all the time. Our question is: Is it possible to use the Ditto X4 Looper as the MIDI master, or in other words: Can Ditto X4-Looper produce a MIDI signal (MIDI clock) which the other looper will use to sync with it And more specific: It is possible to set a tempo for both loopers only by recording a guitar phrase using the Ditto X4 Looper without having to tap the tempo or use an external MIDI device We would definitely love to avoid the use of an external MIDI clock and playing with the click. Our tempo should be defined only by the loops we record. Thank you in advance. Regards, Alba&Leo Dear Alba, Thank you for contacting TC Electronic Support. I am afraid the Ditto X4 cannot generate a MIDI Clock. It can only receive it. I hope this information has been helpful. If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to update this ticket and i will be happy to assist you further. Nicolas - TC Electronic Support