Question I have just purchased a PolyTune 2, or at least I think I have. Since there is no "PolyTune 2" identification logo on the unit itself, how do I know I have got a "2" and not the Classic Answer

There are few ways to tell the two apart:

  • First, on both PolyTune versions, the name says only "PolyTune". No difference at the first look. But if you look better, on the first version the Classic (or 1), it says "poly-chromatic tuner" below "polytune", while this text doesn't appear on PolyTune 2.
  • The 2nd thing to look for, is the brand. It only says "tc electronic" on the first version, whereas the PolyTune 2 features both the TC logo and "tc electronic" name.
  • 3rd: the foot switch is different. The classic PolyTune has a switch with small height and "click" when  you push it - PolyTune 2 has a higher foot switch without click, just a little release.

Below, you will find some pictures which show the differences :