Question How do I achieve seamless preset change and effects spill-over on my G-Force

Seamless preset change means that there will be no interruption or noise when changing from one preset to another. Effect spillover means that effects like delay and reverb that leave tails decaying after you stop playing will continue to ring out into a new preset, or after the effect is bypassed. The G-Force´s ability to have effects routed in any order means that it cannot always perform seamless preset changes and/or effect spillover. This doesn´t mean that it´s impossible, only that you must plan your patches slightly (routings and sub-algorithms) in order to get good results. Mute Mode in preset change If you must make a preset change between two radically different patches and play at the same time there might occur "sound artifacts" (strange noises). To avoid these the G-Force version 1.12 and later features something called Effect mute on/off. This is found in the Utility display, and when enabled will mute the sound for a moment during preset change. It is a global setting, meaning that it will affect all presets. Seamless preset change To get seamless preset changes with no dropouts the Effect mute in preset change must be disabled. Furthermore you must change presets only between patches that are similar enough (especially their routings) to prevent sound artifacts. If you must make preset changes between radically different patches, try to make them when you are not playing. This of course requires some planning when making patches so that they will be compatible with each other. One solution is to use the same routings with identical effect sub-algorithms for following patches. It might be a good idea to use the same standardized routing for as many presets as possible, even if it means that some of the effects in the routing are bypassed in most presets. It´s also possible to use an expression pedal linked to the parameters that you want to change, and instead of switching preset you just change Mix and other parameter settings with the pedal, which gives you the added benefit of smoothly morphing between two or three settings within the same preset. Even a perfect seamless preset change might sound drastic if the sound levels are very different between the patches. Because of this it´s also important to chose suitable Mute modes that will keep the levels consistent. For example, if you change to a patch were the DLY is bypassed it´s best to chose Input for it; if you´d choose Mix0% the dry level would increase drastically. Effects spill-over In order to make a delay or reverb tail fade out after a preset change you can add a bypassed version of the same effect block -with identical Sub-algorithm, Feedback and Mix settings- in the following patch as well. This is easy to do by importing the effect block from the other preset (see the manual about how to do this). The Mute mode should be set to Fx In or Input in both patches. The hard thing is actually not to get spillover when going from one REV or DLY preset to another. One way to stop the spillover is to switch preset twice, first to one without the effect, then on to a third preset with a new REV or DLY in it. This way the middle preset will kill the tail from the first. Found on The G-Force Page