Question How can I setup the D-Coder in Logic under Mac OS 9

There are different situations in which the Waldorf D-Coder can be used. We would like to explain how to setup a classic vocoder with MIDI controlling the pitch by using the internal synthesizer of the D-Coder as carrier in Logic:
  1. Insert the D-Coder in an instrument slot of an instrument object.
  2. Open the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the D-Coder and increase the level of the "Vocoder" in the Mixer section.
  3. Select "Poly" or "Mono" in the Amplifier section, depending on if you'd like the Vocoder to be monophonic or polyphonic.
  4. Make sure you have selected "Synth" as your Vocoder signal in the Routing section.
  5. Create a MIDI signal which you like to play the D-Coder Synthesizer Section with. The D-Coder synthesizer can be used as any VST Instrument in Logic. To hear the Synthesizer signal, increase the "Synth" level in the "Mixer" section.
  6. Now you need an audio signal to modulate the synthesizer signal. Load an audio signal into an audio track (e.g. Track 1).
  7. Route this audio signal to the D-Coder by switching the Side Chain in the Menu of the D-Coder Plug-In to Track 1.
If you would like to hear the Vocoder signal only, deselected the Output or reduce the volume of your audio track. For other possibilities with the Waldorf D-Coder, please refer to the D-Coder user manual.