Question How many RS 8 oms cabs can I connect in serial to my BH550 amp On the rear panel it says minimum 4 ohms load, so it should be 2 x 8 ohm. But the RH450 can run 3 x 8 ohm, even if it says minimum 4 ohm. Could the BH550 do the same Answer There are countless cab configurations to use with your BH550. Mix and match what suits your personal style. You can find configuration examples on the product page for your amp. See "Cabinets Configuration" at bottom of this page. As you may be aware, 2 x 8 ohm = 4 ohm (in parallel mode, the most common) If you put 3 cabs, 3 x 8 ohm = 2.66 ohm (parallel mode) With TC cabs it will work fine as it was tested by oue engineers and confirmed to work with our cabinets only. The minimum of 4 ohm is required for cabinets from other manufacturers as we are not certain how the amp will respond to the load from any other cabinet. If you accidentally connect a non-valid combination of cabinets to a TC Electronic bass amplifier, the amplifiers protection mode may be invoked see Protection mode on page 17 of the user manual. However, the amplifier will not be damaged.