Question I want my G-Major to work as a wah-wah pedal. So assign my pedal to the "pitch" parameter of the filter/mod effect. By this way I can control the resonant frequency of the filter. My problem is that the frequency range covered is too large (20hz to 20khz). How can I program the G-Major to use a smaller range (e.g. 500hz to 2khz)

The G-Major does not really have a real wah-wah effect. You have a Whammy algorithm which is a pitch effect, a resonance filter, and an auto-resonance filter. The Whammy effect gives you the opportunity to control the pitch of an added voice with an external MIDI Expression pedal. The Auto Resonance filter will create an effect similar to a Touch Wah. The sweep through the frequency range is controlled via the dynamics on the Input. The Resonance filters are basically a Hi and Lo Cut filter that can be swept up and down the frequency range. When the Resonance (Q-factor) parameter is increased, the filter peak at the cutoff frequency gets very narrow and very steep. That is at the very core of the characteristic sound of Resonance filters. You can control the hicut filter through a modifier. You can limit the range where the sweep should take place by using the MAPPING function on the modifiers. You can set the minium, mid, and maximum values to make your own pedal response curve. You can find an explanation on how to do this on page 22 and 23 of the manual. You can download the latest manual revision from our website here.