Question Can you explain me the different MUTE modes available in the G-Force

The Mute modes decide how effect levels react when a block is bypassed. When contemplating different mute modes it´s a good idea to imagine how individual effect blocks would react when bypassed by them. The CPR , FIL, PAN-TREM, CHO and PIT (when used to pitch shift all signal) are usually used to change the dry signal, while the DLY, REV and PIT (when used to add pitch voices) will add something to an otherwise unaltered dry sound. Mix 0% This means that the Mix level will turn to 0% when a block is bypassed. This works good for effects that are used to process the whole signal (and that you often use with their Mix value set to 100%). If this mute mode is used with DLY, REV or (delayed) PIT these effects will stay active in the background (although they can´t be heard) and will let out their effect tails (of the signal that was been fed into them while bypassed) as soon as they are recalled. If you use this mute mode for a DLY, REV or PIT with Mix less than 100% you´ll get an increased dry signal level when bypassed (for example, if DLY Mix=20% you get 20% delay and 80% dry signal, but when bypassed the dry signal will increase to 100%). FX Out This mutes only the effect´s Out level, not the dry sound passing through the block. For example, if you bypass a REV with Mix set to 25% it will turn off the reverb signal at once, but still let through the remaining 75% dry signal. This is good for effects that add something to the dry signal without disturbing it, like REV, DLY and sometimes PIT, since bypassing it simply removes the added effect. If you use Fx Out with the effect Mix parameter set to 100% it will act like the Output mute mode below, and you will mute the whole block when bypassing it. Note that the signal entering the effect will not be muted, so if you recall a bypassed DLY or REV it will send out delay or reverb tails of the sound that entered it while bypassed. Output This turns down the output level of both the effect and dry signal. The input of the effect will not be muted, so if you recall a bypassed DLY, REV or (delayed) PIT it will send out delay or reverb tails of the signal that entered it while bypassed. FX In This mutes the part of the signal entering it meant to be processed (as set by the Mix value) but will let it finish processing and sending out what has already entered it. This means that a REV, DLY or (delayed) PIT effect tail will fade out after the effect block is bypassed. This is the mode to use if you want effect spillover when bypassing any of these three effect blocks. Dry signal level will always remain unaffected. For example, if Mix=60% then the 40% dry sound will remain as before when the effect block is bypassed, but the 60% effect will be muted at the effect´s input. Input This will mute all signal fed into the REV, DLY and PIT (both dry and effect), but allow the effect tails to fade out like in the FX In. Like Output this mute mode will mute all signal in series with it. Found on The G-Force Page.