The cabinet simulator will give make the V-AMP PRO or BASS V-AMP PRO sound like it is hooked up to a speaker cabinet and has a microphone placed in front of the cabinet. This is useful if you want to plug the V-AMP PRO directly into a recording device. If you are already using an amplifier and have a speaker cabinet, this may not sound optimal, so you wish to turn it off. To change or turn it off (on either the V-AMP PRO or BASS V-AMP PRO) choose one of the following methods:
A) Press the TUNER and TAP buttons at the same time (which will bypass both the preamp and the cabinet simulator).
B) Use the AMPS encoder to dial in the TUBE PREAMP selection. This has a tube preamp section, but no cabinet simulator engaged. Also, you can hold down the TAP button, and select one of the 17-32 amp models (while turning the encoder, the 17-32 light will be one) to choose #32 "CLASSIC CLEAN/CUSTOM CLEAN " which has no preamp nor cabinet.