NewKBlogoPNG.pngC-1U@.jpg             Low recording level is a common factor with USB mics, if you have time you may wish to read the Sound On Sound article (linked below) about USB mics as they go into detail on why this is. The real issue tends to arise because most users may not always realize the usage specification of USB mics. They are designed primarily as a podcasting/radio microphones which means close micing of vocals (i.e the mic being placed close up to the talker's / singer's mouth). The mic can be used for close micing instruments too. But as soon as the mic is placed further away the gain level will drop significantly, and with the nature of USB mics you will need to then gain/normalize the signal once it's been recorded into the computer which, because it is digital gain, will impart further noise into the signal, as many USB mics only have set preamps built in.