X32 Matrixs as a CrossoverOn the X32 series of mixers you use the Matrix mixes to Send different Frequency bands to your output speakers, effectively removing the need for a Crossover.  On your X32 press the select button for your main outputs, and then use the arrow buttons to scroll to the sends menu. From here you can now send the signal from your Main LR to the individual Matrix Buses. You will need to send an even amount of signal to each Matrix bus that you intend to use, for example if you would like a Hi, Mid and Low set of speakers you will need to send this to 6 Matrix buses giving you a stereo mix (I would recommend stereo linking the buses first by pressing the Matrix Main C button followed by the select button of your matrix. In the Home tab you can then use the first encoder beneath the screen to activate the Link function).  Now that we have set the signal being sent to the matrixs we need to set which band of frequencies each matrix is responsible for. To do this press the Matrix Main C button and then press select on the first Matrix then the EQ Menu. We will now need to insert a High cut filter to the bus and adjust the frequency to only allow the low frequencies to pass through. For this example we will set the Frequency to around 150hz but you will need to adjust this to suit your own personal needs. This will allow us to output just the low frequencies from Matrix 1 and 2 (if stereo linked)Next press select on Matrix 3. As matrix 3 and 4 will be responsible for the Mid frequencies we need to insert a Hi cut and low cut filter. For this example I have set the Low cut to around 150hz and the Hi cut to around 2kHz but you will need to adapt this to suit your own creative intentions.  Finally, select Matrix 5 and set the Low Cut filter to around 2kHz for our Hi frequency speaker outputs.  We now need to route the Matrix buses to their individual outputs. Press the routing button and go to the Out 1-16 menu. We can now set our relevant Matrix Bus to an output. We can then connect the outputs to either an amplifier or direct to a speaker and we now will be able to have a multi-speaker system without the use of a crossover.