Question I wish to use the G-System to change programs on external units via MIDI. What MIDI data is transmitted by the G-System when I recall one of its internal presets

If you set MIDI Program Change Out to ON The G-System is divided in two banks :
  • factory presets (100)
  • user presets (200)
Each time you recall one of these preset, the G-System will output the bank data + the program change number. The bank information is a specific value for CC (control change) # 0 The factory bank presets send :
  • CC#0 = 1 then Program Change 0-99
For instance preset A0-1 is CC#0=1, PC=0 The user bank preset send :
  • CC#0 =  2, PC = 0-99 for preset 00-1 to 19-5
  • CC#0 =  3, PC = 0-99 for preset 20-1 to 39-5
Depending on the structure of the banks in the receiving device, you will need to adjust some parameters or use a mapping (if the unit features one) Some units filter the bank number (CC#0). In this case only the program change will be taken in account. So if you recall A0-1, 00-1 or 20-1, the receiving unit will recall program 1 etc. If you set MIDI Program Chnage Out to ON MAP with MIDI-out set to "ON MAP" there are no PC messages sent out at all when the factory presets (banks A0-9, B0-9) are selected.  With "ON MAP" engaged, MIDI PC messages are sent only upon selection of a user preset (banks 00-39). The bank reference will not be sent, and only the program change is sent from user presets. In addition you have the possibility for each user preset you recall,  to send any another MIDI program change (none, 1-128) in the MIDI output. This is useful if your G-System must recall a limited number of presets in i.e. a MIDI preamp or amp.