Before use:

* You will need a TC2290, Windows PC with MidiOx and a Midi Interface

* Make sure the TC2290 'tc device no.' is 0 (<SPEC> <110> <ENTER> <0> <ENTER>)

* Make sure MIDI is enabled on the TC2290

* Make sure your Midi Interface is correctly setup with MidiOx

* This has been tested with a TC2290 version 28.12, 29.12 and 30.12

* To see version number press <SPEC> <0> <ENTER>


1: Connect PC to a TC2290 using a midi interface. 

2: Select preset from PresetRequestFile folder

3: In MidiOx select Command Window -> Send/Receive Sysex.

4: Wait for completion and save syx file in this folder by pressing Display Window -> SaveAs

5: Repeat step 2-4 until all your presets are in .syx format