Yes, in  theory as long as your laptop has good battery life, you could plug any UM2, UMC202HD, UM204HD, or UM22, in to your laptop/mac via USB, then plug your dynamic microphone in and use as normal.

For users with a condenser microphones that require power, simply switch on the +48v phantom power switch on the back of the unit to use, but bear in mind this is likely to consume more battery power from your laptop/mac then when using a standard dynamic microphone.

One tip: depending on what you are recording (spoken word/sound bites/atmosphere/music) it would be advised to put a muffler/windscreen on the mic to prevent any wind blowing across the diaphragm and causing unwanted noise on your recordings, many mics come with these already but if yours does not, they are fairly cheap to buy from eBay/Amazon/Thomann and all other good music instrument retailers.