We advise that the following is carried out by one of our Authorised Service Centres which can be found on the TC Electronic website.

You will need to change the internal battery which is a CR2032.  It is not secured in a battery holder.  The battery has 3 pins attached to it which then solder into the pcb.  However, this type of battery is becoming much harder to source.  If you are unable to find one, then just the standard version of CR2032 will do and then there are two options.  The first is to lever the pins off the old battery and solder them to the new one (making sure the correct polarity), or secondly you will need to get a battery holder and somehow wire it into the pcb.  This is possible but you will need to secure the battery holder so that it doesn't come loose in transit, etc.

Once the battery is changed, then a new restoration key will be generated when the device is switched on. 

Send this to us by raising a Care ticket and we can get the restore code generated and sent back to you.  We would also require the serial number of the unit.