Every Tannoy loudspeaker from the early 1990s onwards have been brandished with a 20 digit serial barcode label. From these 20 digits you can establish the manufacture date to the day. Here is an example of a barcode serial number 800053021007236179553, if we split this into three parts 80005302 / 100723 / 6179553 the first eight digits of the code tell us the part number of the product, in this instance, 80005302 tells us the product is Tannoy Definition DC10T loudspeaker in a gloss black finish. The second part of the code, is the manufacture date in reverse, so if we flip 100723 around, we get 23.07.10 telling us that these DC10Ts were manufactured here at our factory on the 23rd of July 2010. The last 7 digits we use internally as a serial number. If your speakers do not have this label because the speakers date back to before the 90s or a previous owner has removed it, please submit a query and we can help to identify the manufacture date as best we can.