These models are designed to be mass loaded, to lower the centre of gravity and improve stability, resulting in improved sound quality. To do so, remove the 4 screws securing the plinth to the bottom of the speaker , then remove the 4 further screws as shown in the user manual. The main loading volume can be filled with sand (which must be dry), or propriety materials available for such purposes. Each cabinet will hold 5.3ltrs. Precision floor-standing models perform best with carpet piercing spikes fitted. These are supplied, along with locking wheels, and should be inserted into the threaded holes in the base of the cabinet. Level the speaker, using the hex key provided and then tighten the locking wheels firmly but without using undue force. Spike locating cups are provided in the accessory pack and these may be used to protect sensitive floor surfaces, again, this information can be found in the user manual. To download a copy of the user manual, please follow this link to our website and then click on the 'downloads' tab