We have recently introduced two new models to our TS subwoofer range, the TS2.10 and TS2.12. The obvious difference is that both models now incorporate a twin driver (10" for the 2.10 and 12" for the 2.12). Each high-excursion driver uses a light yet stiff multi-fibre cone with butyl rubber roll surround to deliver lightening bass speed and low frequency depth. Both models feature Class D bridge mode amplifiers and Tri-State Pulse Width Modulated Digital Signal Processor is used to adjust crossover frequency, phase and gain control in the digital domain, eliminating analogue filter circuitry from the signal path. As these subwoofers are intended for Residential use, unfortunately they do not feature the unbalanced XLR inputs that featured on the original TS8, TS10 and TS12 models. If you require more information on the new TS subs then please check the information on our website or you can submit a query to a member of our support team.