Unfortunately no.   We have now made 4 different versions of the FX system: First the FX which was followed by the EFX, these satellites were identical except from their finish as the EFX featured a gloss finish compared to the matt black and silver of the FX. Both sets of speaker stands and satellites were compatible with each other. In 2007 we upgraded the system to SFX which featured a new satellite design with a curved back. These required a new set of brackets to fix them to the speaker stand and were not compatible with the flat backed satellites in the FX and EFX ranges. In 2012 we introduced the TFX which again featured an improved satellite design. These satellites are not compatible with any previous FX range stands and the specific TFX stands must be used in conjunction with the TFX system.   To our knowledge, there is no universal speaker stand on the market that will be compatible with any of the satellites in our FX ranges.