Unlike typical compact home theatre systems Tannoy HTS uses real wood cabinets to deliver a richer and fuller sound from a super-compact enclosure. Engineered using Tannoys acoustic expertise in speaker construction and bracing, the exceptionally solid HTS speaker cabinets have been created to get the best from the high-tech HTS drivers. HTS loudspeakers benefit from a high-tech 19mm (3/4) Tannoy WideBand tweeter using a titanium dome. Titanium gives a much cleaner and more accurate response than typical soft-dome tweeters and allows HTS to boast a class-leading frequency response out to over 40kHz. Not only will this wideband frequency response deliver the full spectrum of audio on Blu-ray movies it improves the coherence and naturalness of music reproduction. If you are looking to get the best out of Blu Ray and High Definition Audio then the HTS is the system for you.