A short update on the Lake Installer Error code: 257.  Audinate have had an issues with an expired Authenticode certificate for the DAPI Installer (this is the Windows services needed to route Dante channels from computer). This has caused the Lake Controller Installer to malfunction with error code: 257 since Saturday (and this is of course why we see a lot of support issues on this now). We will release a new Lake Controller Installer with a new DAPI installer with a valid certificate, but we don't have one ready yet. Until then, there are two options for the users; 1. Set the date on the computer back to May 9th, run the Lake Installer 55 and then set the correct data again.  2. Download the latest Dante Controller Installer from the Audinate website, run that and then Install the Lake Installer, and ignore the error code. Re-start the computer and then the Lake Controller should be able to utilize the Dante services installed by the Dante Controller.