Question What is Load Library Answer In addition to the standard loudspeaker preset Module files, the Lake Controller includes a set of enhanced files specifically for use with the PLM Series. Termed the LoadLibrary, these supplementary PLM Module files incorporate both standard Lake DSP parameters along with data relating specifically to the PLM. LoadLibrary Module files provide parameter settings for the PLMs Amplifier Gain and ISVPL limiter. Additionally, LoadLibrary loudspeaker types may include electrical characteristics data for the associated loudspeaker.  The data set relating to the loudspeakers electrical characteristics is used to enable load verification (LoadSmart) and monitoring facilities (SpeakerSafe) to be performed on the PLM. This data set is termed a Fingerprint. When a PLM-specific loudspeaker type is recalled, its Fingerprint load characteristics are included. These load characteristics are stored in a file with a .mdl suffix and are recalled simultaneously with the Module file. LoadLibrary Modules and standard Module files are cross-compatible; when a LoadLibrary Module is recalled into a legacy Lake product the extra data is ignored.