Question Have you heard of anyone using the LM 44 as a surround sound speaker management systemI have been searching for a management system that can utilize EQ, delay and level adjustment for each of the surround channels so that our mix room can be calibrated properly.  I also hope to be able to save multiple settings so that I can adjust the speakers based on the mix position or the producers desk.  I would also like to know if the LM 44 or the software has an RTA function or do I need a program like SMAART Answer The LM 44 does not have an RTA function but does interface with Smaart v.7 and Wavecapture (these will run in the background and behind the Lake software). We have tried using the LM26 as a surround processor in a live setting (with a TC Electronic System 6000 running Unwrap). Only for EQ, level, and limiting functions. The Lake software can allow you to save many different settings that can include all facets of the unit.